THAI PRAWN CRACKERS (GF)                                                      2.75
Prawn crackers served with sweet chilli dip

SILK RD PLATER (GFA)(VEA)                                                          6.5
Pitta bread served with humus, tsatsiki,
tirokafteri &Asian avocado dip   

FLUFFY GARLIC BREAD / WITH CHEESE (V)                            3/3.50 
Brioche bun oven baked with garlic butter 

BOQUERONES(GF)                                                                               5
Fresh anchovies pickled in vinegar, lemon & olive oil

NACHOS(V)(VEA)                                                                                 4.5
Tortilla chips topped with tomato salsa, our own 
Asian avocado dip & sour cream

TABLITA(GFA)                                                                                        8
A Spanish platter of Serrano ham, manchego cheese, mixed 
olives & fresh bread served with balsamic & olive oil

CROQUETAS                                                                                            5
Wild mushroom croquetas served with alioli

HALLOUMI SAGANAKI (GF)                                                                6
Pan fried halloumi drizzled with honey, oregano & sesame seeds

VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS (V)(VE)                                                4.5 
Homemade vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chilli sauce

CHICKEN SATAY(N)(GF)                                                                       5
Marinated chicken skewers served with s peanut sauce

KALAMARI(GF)                                                                                         5.5
Crispy baby squid served with lemon alioli

CHICKEN GOUJONS                                                                                4.5
Chicken strips in a traditional panko & served with an sriracha mayo

BUTTERED BLACK PRAWN                                                                  7.5
A king prawn stir fry cooked South Indian style

SEABASS (GF)                                                                                            7
Pan fried seabass served on a bed of red curry rice   

MOULES MARINIÈRE (GF)                                                                    7 
Fresh mussels cooked in a white wine, shallot, garlic & cream sauce 

GAMBAS A LA PLANCHA(GF)                                                              7 5
Shell on Prawns lightly chargrilled with rock salt & served 
with a wedge of lemon

PESCADO BLANCO                                                                                 4.5
Fresh white fish in a light tempura batter & served 
with a paprika alioli


PAD THAI(N)                                                                                             5.5
Stir fried rice noodles with egg, spring onions & bean sprouts

MASSAMAN CURRY(GF)(N)                                                                5.5
A rich and hearty curry with potatoes, chickpea, topped
with peanuts, serve with fragrant rice   

COLOMBO TAMARIND CURRY(VE)(GFA)                                        5.5 
A Sri Lankan favourite, a deeply flavoured & spicy curry
served with naan bread 

CHANA MASALA(VE)(GF)                                                                     5.5
A classic chickpea & sweet potato curry from Pakistan

*All the above add chicken £1, Prawn £2

40Z FILLET STEAKS                                                                     8.50
MALAYSIAN - Chargrilled, served on a bed of rocket 
& topped with our own Asian black sauce
AZPIZUNA - Chargrilled, served with fried potatoes
& topped with a creamy blue cheese sauce (GFA)
SPICY STEAK SALAD - Steak tossed with a mouth-watering
& fiery salad, all the way from Thailand (GFA)(N)

PERSIAN LAMB(GFA)                                                                   8
Grilled lamb lollipops coated with rosemary, garlic, sea salt 
& black peppercorn, served with couscous & mint yogurt 

YAOUR TLOU(GFA)                                                                       6 
Savoury beef kebabs, topped with a Greek yogurt 
and a spiced tomato sauce dusted with smoked paprika 

CHORIZO FRITO(GF)                                                                      5.5
Spanish chorizo pan fried with red wine, garlic
& topped with a drizzle of honey

BEEF STIFADO(GF)                                                                          7
A Greek classic of slow cooked beef pieces in a red 
wine & pear onion sauce

TURKISH MEATBALLS(GF)                                                            5.5
Beef meatballs cooked in fresh tomato & middle eastern spices

CHINESE PORK(GF)                                                                           7
Pork belly topped with a sweet chilli sauce & served with
an Asian coleslaw

FOREST CHICKEN(GF)                                                                      6
A tender chicken breast cooked in white wine, wild
mushroom & cream sauce with rice

SWEET & SOUR(GF)                                                                          6.5
Chicken, mixed peppers, spring onions & pineapple with 
our very own Mr Chan sweet & sour sauce served with rice

STICKY RIBS.                                                                                       6.5
Slow cooked sticky pork ribs in a smokey sauce


GREEK SALAD(V)(GF)(VEA)                                                                5
A traditional dish of cucumber, tomato, onion, feta & black olives

MOROCCAN SALAD(V)(N)(VEA)                                                        5
Dried apricots, goat's cheese, pomegranate & almonds mixed with
small grain couscous & topped with a honey mustard dressing  

PATATAS BRAVAS(V)(GFA)                                                               4.5 
Diced potatoes with spicy tomato sauce & alioli 

CAULIFLOWER STEAK(N)(VE)(GF)(V)                                               5.5
Thick slice of cauliflower roasted with ras el hanout & served
with a coriander pesto, almonds & pomegranate seed on a tahini pure

PARMESAN FRIES(VOA)(GFA)                                                             4.5 
A mix of french & sweet potato fries tossed in parmesan &
truffle oil 

IMAM BAYILDI(V)(GF)(VEA)                                                                5 
Aubergines, tomato & peppers cooked in a spicy tomato
sauce & topped with feta

PATATAS POBRE(V)(GFA)                                                                     5 
Diced potato pan fried with bell peppers, onions, garlic
& spiced pimenton
* Add chorizo £2
. Add fried Egg £1

SEABASS & MANGO SALAD(GFA)                                                            7 
Seabass served on a mixed salad with mango, fish sauce,
chilli, shallots & coriander, topped with cashew nuts


A steamed bao bun filled with Katsu chicken & Kewpie mayonnaise   4.5
A steamed bao bun filled with Tempura Prawn & sriracha mayo              6.5     
A steamed bao bun filled with crispy duck, spring onion, cucumber       7
& hoi sin sauce

A classic Margherita(V)                                                                                         4.5

A white pizzette topped with garlic oil, goats cheese, caramelised     5.5 
onion & rocket  

V/VE/VEA - Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans Available, VOA - Vegetarian Option Available,                         N - Contains nuts, GF/GFA - Gluten free/Gluten Free Available 

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