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3 Tapas for £12.00

2pm - 4pm
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Silk Rd Platter

Pitta Bread served with Humus, Tsatsiki, Taramasalata and an Asian Avocado dip. Gluten Free option available

Nachos (V)

Tortilla Chips topped with tomato salsa, our own Asian avocado dip, and sour cream


Fresh anchovies pickled in vinegar, lemon and olive oil

Spring Rolls (V)

Home made vegetable Spring Rolls served with a sweet chilli sauce

Laos Money Bags

Minced pork, Laos vegitables and spices wrapped in filo pastry and lightly fried. Served with a chilii sauce.


Iberian ham/wild mushroom (V) croquettes served with a smoked paprika mayonnaise

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Turkish Meatballs (GF)

Beef meatballs cooked in freah tomato and middle-eastern spices

Chorizo Frito (GF)

Spanish Chorizo pan fried with red wine, garlic and topped with a drizzle of honey.

Yaour Tlou (GF)

Savoury beef kebabs, topped with a greek yoghurt and spiced tomato sauce, dusted with paprika.

Forest Chicken (GF)

Tender chicken breast cooked in a white wine, wild mushroom and cream sauce

Moroccan Salad (V)

Dried Apricots, goats cheese, pomegranite and almonds mixed with small grain couscous and topped with a honey mustard dressing.

Pad Thai (GF) (V)

Stir-fried rice noodles with egg, spring onions and bean sprouts. Add Chicken for £1, King Prawns for £2

Massaman Curry (N) (GF) (V)

A rich and hearty curry with potatoes, peanuts and vegetables with a touch of rice. Add Chicken for £1, King Prawns for £2.

Columbo Tamarind Curry (V)

A Sri Lankan favourite. A deeply-flavoured and spiced curry served with a chapati bread. Add £1 for chicken. Add £2 for King Prawns.

Prawn and Mango Salad (V)

A mixed leaf salad with prawns and fresh mango, served in a filo pastry basket, topped with a black pepper and sweet onion dressing and almonds

Greek Salad (V)

A traditional dish of cucumber, tomato, feta and olives.

Patatas Bravas (GF) (VE, V)

Diced potato topped with a spicy tomato sauce

£1 Supplement
Persian Lamb (GF)

Grilled lamb lollipops coated in rosemary, garlic, sea salt and black peppercorn. Served with couscous and mint yoghurt

Buttered Black Prawns (GF)

A King Prawn stir-fry cooked south Indian style

V/VE - Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans, N - Contains nuts, GF - Gluten free

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