The Silk Road or Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes, that for centuries brought together regions from the Pacific through to the Med. These routes connected the East and West, stretching all the way from the Korean peninsula to modern day Europe. However, it is said that nearby Macclesfield lays claim to being the end as this was the hub of Silk weaving in the 17th Century. Spices, fruits and luxury silks are just some of the goods that found their way along this route and into our homes. 

 SILK RD Restaurant is a concept that brings to life the food, drinks and soul that can be found along these fantastic ancient routes. It is a passion for travel, a love of food and a desire to share experiences that drives us. Our aim is to take you on a journey and engage you, we want you to have more than just a meal, we want you to have an experience! 

 OUR concept is to serve small dishes ‘Tapas style’ or for the larger groups ‘Meze style’…. It is all about the sharing and enjoyment of eating and tasting some amazing flavours, as they have done along this route for centuries. Our menu is packed with big hitting flavours that will ‘WOW’ your senses and leave you wanting more